DPO as a Service

Outsource your Privacy Office at fixed low overhead cost.
Achieve basic GDPR compliance in just 4 weeks.
Lead your organization to GDPR maturity.

Dedicated DPO plans start at €795 per month

Why Outsource your Privacy Office?

Minimize your internal GDPR compliance efforts.
Profit from low overhead and transparent cost structure.
Reduce your GDPR liability risks.

Start becoming GDPR Compliant Today!

Why choose Rent-a-DPO?

Rent-a-DPO does more than just outsource your GDPR operations. A dedicated DPO will help you continuously improve your customers' privacy – enhancing brand equity, operational efficiency and information security in the process.

We are business-oriented people: we understand the GDPR is not your life's mission and will help you balance compliance risks and company interests.

Rent-a-DPO's guidance is legally sound: we work in close cooperation with specialized law firm Cordemeyer & Slager, Lawyers for IT

We offer combined expertise in legal, governance, and security matters.

Rent-a-DPO's cost structure is transparant and based on actual effort.

Our Quick Deployment Approach covers basic GDPR requirements in just 4 weeks (or less!).

Legal services provided by: Cordemeyer & Slager, Lawyers for IT
International Certification Partner: Bureau Veritas

Lead your organization to GDPR compliance

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